Swedish Rescuers

NO-One can do everything, but everyone can do something

Our organisation has been active since ten years back, when we started to send ambulances and fire trucks to Syria. Today, the situation in the world has considerably changed. We continue to send vehicles to war zones, this time to Ukraine.

Who we are

Swedish Rescuers is a team of rescuers from around Sweden.

We are paramedics, police, firemen. We are the ones who crowdfund the vehicles, and we are the ones who drive them to hand over to the people who will use them in the war zone. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something – and we are doing it.

Swedish Rescuers


What can I do to help? 

Our work is solely funded by donations. If you like what we do, don’t hesitate to support us. No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

You can donate through Swish (a Swedish payment system), through PayPal, or through sponsoring equipment.

Please contact us through info@swedishrescuers.se for details.


Follow us when we travel to Ukraine to deliver the rescue vehicles.

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