Project start, and first trip to Syria

The first delivery of emergency vehicles was made in 2011.

29th of June 2011 was a sunny day. An eight-year-old boy, Nayif, was never to see the sun again as he did not emerge from the water. The tragedy turned into something that would affect people in need in the whole world. His father, Sehmus, found a way to get this nightmare into a constructive direction. With the help of friends and family, the charity project was started.

An ambulance was bought and transported to Kurdistan, to the home village of the boy’s family. They did not have any emergency vehicles, and the country was affected by war. Three drivers went off to deliver the ambulance. The trip started in October 2011, and it took a couple of days to arrive at the border to Turkey.

As they arrived, they were met by reports of an earthquake that took place in southern Turkey. Their help was direly needed, and the ambulance took a detour to help people on site. Saving lives is the priority. They got to take care of the survivors, transport casualties and give medical help to the emergency staff. All together, they helped about 150 people.

After two full days of working without rest, they continued the ambulance delivery. As they arrived to the village, they handed over the ambulance and visited Nayif’s grave. Here is a report from the trip.