Following trips to Syria

The project did not stop there. Funds were raised, and there was a possibility to continue helping.

A charity gala was held during summer 2012, and with these funds another two ambulances and a firetruck were bought. Kids and adults collected charity help to send along with the emergency vehicles.

In October 2012, two ambulances and a fire truck were funded.

A total of 6 ambulances and 1 firetruck were donated, to Kurdistan and Syria. The project was named “Nayif’s Charity Project”. It is not political and knows no borders.

During summer 2013, the delivery also included resuscitation training on location in Syria. Also this time, there were 3 drivers per car, as they were driving non-stop all the way. One person slept, the other two stayed awake, stopping only for fuel and technicalities.

The trip back was difficult, the train could not lift because of intense heat. The fuel had to be emptied, and the plane took off with the smallest margin, just to land at a military airport nearby for fueling. Finally, the drivers came home!