Fourth delivery to Ukraine

The fourth delivery included two VW Transporters, one fire truck and three rescue boats.

Since the second delivery trip, we have managed to set up a very close dialogue with the Rescue Services in Kharkiv. This allowed us to get firsthand information about their needs, both short and long term. Additional ambulances and fire engines will continue be needed, but there was also a short term need for less specialized transports. One such need was vehicles to transport de-mining crews and personnel to rescue/extract people from collapsed buildings in newly liberated areas. Basically any vehicle that could fit a rescue crew and equipment could fit the needs, so we started looking for cars other than ambulances and firetrucks.

A fire engine had been located on Gotland, and with some help from people at both the local Rescue Services and the Swedish Armed Forces, it was treated with a full service and checkups before leaving the island.

Pre trip at a local workshop.

For the other needs we managed to get a hold of two crew cab VW Transporters, both initially used by the Swedish Rescue Services. Each could fit six people with a lot of gear.

Three inflatable boats, to ensure surface rescue capabilities to the region were also bought and loaded in one of the Transporters. A lot of the other equipment consisted of additional hoses and adapters, as the Swedish fire engines don’t use the same dimensions and won’t match up with existing gear in Ukraine. This second fire truck is going to the same place/department, so the hoses, adapters and other equipment can be shared between them as needed.

Load-out in one of the transporters. The other one were filled with the boats.

Finally all together after a few hectic days of logistics, the third delivery was ready to leave Sweden.

The drivers

Lastly some pictures sent to us by the Ukrainian Rescue Services of the vehicles and equipment after arrival at their final destination in Kharkiv:

Kharkiv fire fighters with the fire engine from Gotland.
Kharkiv fire fighters with the two transporters.
Kharkiv fire fighters checking out one of the three boats.
Kharkiv fire fighters showing of some of the requested equipment.