We have some news!

As we mentioned in the last post we are happy to inform you that we are going to implement a new delivery down to Ukraine in the nearest time. Together we are seven members from Swedish Rescuers and together with us we have 5 vehicles crammed full of supplies for the Ukrainian people.

For this trip we want to give a big tribute and thank you to two of our amazing sponsors. It is with great gratitude that we receive newly serviced and prepared cars from the wonderful young people studying the vehicle engineering program at Staffansgymnasiet in Söderhamn. We also want to take the chance and express our deepest gratitude to malungselnat.se who has been so kind and donated a vehicle to us! It is because of people like you and everyone who contribute that we can help the people in Ukraine!

The wonderful people at malungselnat.se has been so kind to donate the blue volkswagen that you can see in front of the firetruck.

The Mitsubishi L200

Here is a Mitsubishi L200 that will be one of the cars donated to Ukraine. Just like the other vehicles that we transport, this one is loaded full with necessities.

One of our member Bo preparing both himself and the vehicle for the drive ahead.

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Ukraine is still in need of a lot of help. Help us help! Under the tab contribute you will find informaiton on how you can be involved and help those in need in Ukraine together with us!